FULL-TIME | PORTAGE CAMPUS IFOPF-AT Introduction to Food Manufacturing

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Introduction to Food Manufacturing program, the graduate should be able to:
  1. Adhere to safe practices with WHMIS and other regulatory guidelines to maintain a safe work environment.
  2. Perform activities to ensure that the quality requirements of a product, process, or service is fulfilled by applying established quality standards.
  3. Apply good documentation practices that comply with regulatory expectations and industry standards.
  4. Maintain, clean, and assemble equipment in accordance to established guidelines to ensure proper functioning.
  5. Operate production equipment as per manufacturer's instructions and recommended guidelines.
  6. Troubleshoot manufacturing equipment problems to improve processes and product quality.
  7. Demonstrate competencies that promote personal health and wellness.
  8. Demonstrate professional competencies that foster critical thinking, innovation and leadership.
  9. Develop practical competence as an entry-level professional while working under supervision.
  10. Communication effectively with various stakeholders in a variety of contexts.
  11. Express ideas effectively, both in oral communications and in writing.
  12. Engage in self-evaluation and critical reflection to inform professional judgement.
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