Admission Requirements

The deadline for submission & registration for C2023FA  Intake is (TBA)

The deadline for submission & registration for C2023SP Intake is (March 27, 2023)

 Students must submit documentation at registration for the first course of study, TRAN-1070 Class 5 Theory.
  1. You must contact the MPI Permit Unit office at (this is to obtain a pre-authorization form to be filled out and returned to MPI Permit Unit). Please attach the email response from MPI Permit Unit as part of your admission requirements.
  2. During the three years immediately before the date you apply (for an MPI Permit), you must: have held a valid full-stage licence (issued by a province or territory of Canada or by a state of the United States) for the class of license you wish to instruct. 
  3. A Manitoba Driver Abstract to be submitted with zero demerit points on your driver’s record.
  4. Submit proof of successful completion of a Grade 12, including one credit in a Grade 12 English


Have you successfully completed the equivalent of three years of full-time secondary (high school) education in Canada, the United States, or an ELR exempt country where English was the language of instruction. To view a list of ELR exempt countries click here.

  • If yes, you meet English language requirements. Submit your transcripts for verification purposes. 

  • If no, you are required to submit proof of meeting an English language requirements option prior to applying. For information click here

  • If you completed all of your education in Canada, the United States, or an ELR exempt country in English but did not complete three years of high school, submit your transcripts for review.
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