PROMP-CT Project Management

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Project Management Certificate program, the graduate...

  • Assumes responsibility as a professional practitioner of project management, applying PM principles and practices while maintaining high standards of practice, making ethical judgments and decisions in a respectful, and sustaining professional standing through a commitment to life-long learning
  • Demonstrates effective use of written, verbal , and non-verbal communication, uses industry terminology, writes a variety of Project Management documents and plans, applies processes required to manage the communications of a project (including appropriate and timely management of project information), and uses technology appropriate to the task
  • Practices interpersonal skills to manage the human resources of a project including organizing, managing and leading the project team, using effective strategies to influence others, manage conflict, and leads teams to successful project completion
  • Values and is committed to the roles and influence of the project manager, sponsor, and customer
  • Applies the generally recognized framework and good practices of project management within the frameworks of; the project management lexicon; organizational influences; operations; strategic planning; portfolios; programs; project life cycles; and project management cycles
  • Applies the PM processes to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close projects and to coordinate all the elements of the project
  • Manages projects effectively including the management of scope, time, costs, and quality, ensuring satisfying the needs for which the project was undertaken
  • Applies processes required to manage the procurement of a project, including acquiring goods and services from outside the organization
  • Manages project risk, including identifying, analyzing and responding to risk
  • Analyzes and manages stakeholder expectations and engagement to ensure a successful project outcome
  • Strategically applies project management practices in a variety of organizational and international settings

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