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Admission Requirements

Your Academic History
If your academic history includes any of the following, please visit My Education for important information: post-secondary studies at an institution other than Red River College Polytechnic; Modified (M), English as an Additional Language (E), or GED high school courses; or home schooling; international secondary (high school) studies.


Upload Through Your Future Student Account

  • Scan your document(s) and save the file. Ensure you keep your original documents as the College may request to see them at any time.
  • Go to apply.rrc.ca and log in.
  • Click on your application, then Supplemental Items & Documents.

If you do not have a Future Student Account or require assistance, please contact our Student Service Centre at 204-632-2327.

Internationally Educated Applicants - visit www.rrc.ca/credentials for credential assessment information.

Submission of required documentation indicating proof of completion of admission requirements is due within 30 days of applying unless otherwise noted in the program's admission requirements.

Before applying:

  • Carefully review the admission requirements 
  • Review the Allied Health Sciences FAQs
  • Successfully complete admission requirements 1 through 5 to ensure you can submit proof of completion within 30 days of applying.
    • Your application will be cancelled without a refund of the non-refundable/non-transferable application fee if you cannot submit proof within 30 days of applying.
    • Extensions will not be granted.
    • We require verification of your complete academic history including any public or private high school, college, university, or technical institutions you have attended.
    • Only official post-secondary transcripts are acceptable for admissions. They must be issued within 6 months prior to your application date and submitted directly from the post-secondary institution.
    • If you are required to complete an English language assessment, do not submit your transcripts until requested to do so.  See Regular Admission Requirement 4 for more information.
After applying:
  • Submit proof of meeting admission requirements 1 to 5
  • Submit an Applicant Declaration for Check Documents Form (admission requirement 6)
  • Complete the mandatory Casper Test (admission requirement 7)
  • Complete the mandatory Casper Snapshot (admission requirement 7).
This is a competitive entry program. Offers of admittance will be made based on CASPer results in descending order until all available seats are filled. Therefore, not all applicants who meet admission requirements will be offered a seat. Applicants who meet admission requirements but do not receive an offer of admittance may reapply for a future academic year by submitting a new application and application fee.

Annual application deadline: April 15

Admission Requirements

  1. Post-Secondary Education
    • Submit proof of having successfully completed 18 or more credits of degree-level (1000 level or higher) post-secondary education including:
      • 12 or more credits of Science
      • A maximum of 6 credits of Arts and Humanities may be applied towards the required 18 credits
    • A minimum grade of C+ is required in each course. However, grades of Pass, Complete or Satisfied will be accepted for courses completed in Winter 2020, Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 only.
    • Degree-level (1000 level or higher) courses approved by the degree granting institution as meeting Science or Arts and Humanities requirements will be accepted.  However, Human Anatomy and Physiology (6-credits) and Medical Terminology (3-credits) cannot be used to fulfill this requirement
  2. Human Anatomy and Physiology (6-credits)
    • Submit proof of successful completion of 6-credits of acceptable Human Anatomy and Physiology courses.  For a list of recommended courses, click here
    • Courses must include a lab component
    • A minimum grade of C+ is required in each course. However, grades of Pass, Complete or Satisfied will be accepted for courses completed in Winter 2020, Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 only.
    • You must have completed the course(s) within the last five academic years of your application date. For example:
      • If you apply to RRC Polytech for the Fall 2023 start date your course(s) must have been completed in the Fall 2017/Winter 2018 academic year or later
  3. Medical Terminology (3-credits)
    • Submit proof of successful completion of 3-credits of Medical Terminology
    • View RRC's list of recommended Medical Terminology courses
      *Please note: Canadian Red Cross Medical Terminology course will be accepted for the Fall 2023 start date only
    • A minimum grade of C+ is required. However, grades of Pass, Complete or Satisfied will be accepted for courses completed in Winter 2020, Spring 2020 or Summer 2020 only.
    • You must have completed the course(s) within five years of your application date. For example:
      • If you apply to RRC on January 15, 2023 your course must have been completed on or after January 15, 2018
    • English Language Assessment or Degrees of Reading Power Assessment
      • EVERY applicant must complete either an English Language Assessment or the Degrees of Reading Power Assessment
      • We strongly advise you complete the assessment before submitting your application to ensure you meet required levels
      • Assessment results must be dated no more than two years prior to your application date
      • Before applying, determine which assessment is appropriate for your situation by answering this question: 
        Have I successfully completed three years of full-time high school (secondary) education in Canada, the United States, or an English language requirement (ELR) exempt country where English was the language of instruction?
        • If YES:
          • Before applying, register for and successfully complete the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) assessment. The minimum DRP level required for this program is 71.
          • After applying, submit your transcripts* for review
        • If NO:
          • Before applying, successfully complete an approved English language assessment (ELA) at the required levels
          • After applying, submit your ELA results. Once we confirm you meet this program's English language requirements, we will request submission of your transcripts* for review.
      • * If your transcripts are from the USA or an ELR exempt country, we will assess an International Credentials Assessment Fee to be paid before your transcripts will be reviewed.
    • First Aid Course
      • Submit proof of current certification in the appropriate First Aid course. To confirm which 16 hour course you need to complete for this program, click here
        *Emergency First Aid is not acceptable for this program
    • Applicant Declaration for Check Documents Form
    • Casper Test and Snapshot
      • Successfully complete each of the following:
        • Casper Test - an online situational judgement test that assesses personal competencies including non-academic attributes and people skills
          Final Casper sitting for Fall 2023 start date: April 6, 2023
        • Casper Snapshot - a short video response tool
          Final Casper Snapshot sitting for Fall 2023 start date: April 15, 2023  
      • Visit RRC Polytech's Casper webpage for additional information and a list of Casper assessment dates
      • Results will be used to select applicants with the highest potential for success
      • You may complete the Casper assessment once per admission cycle (April to March annually)
      • Your results will be valid for all applicable RRC Polytech programs applied to during the admissions cycle (April to March) and cannot be used for future admissions
      • You are responsible for the cost of both the Test and Snapshot
      • Your Casper results will be submitted directly to RRC Polytech (you do no need to submit your results)
      • Recommended assessment preparation:

    Program Progression Requirements
    Program progression requirements are not due within 30 days of applying and should be submitted after you start classes.

    • Criminal Record and Adult and Child Abuse Checks
      • This program requires students to submit current original/official versions of one or more of the following checks:
        • Criminal Record Check (CRC)
        • Provincial Child Abuse Registry Check (CAR)
        • Adult Abuse Registry Check (AAR)
      • If you have a criminal record you may not be able to complete the program
      • If you are listed on an Abuse Registry you will not be able to complete the program
      • For details on this program's requirements, when to obtain and submit the documents, review the Applicant Declaration for Check Documents Form
      • These documents have expiration dates and should not be obtained prior to timeline indicated on the Applicant Declaration for Check Documents form
      • For general information on why RRC requires these checks and for links to check providers such as the Winnipeg Police, visit our Criminal Record Checks webpage
      • Submit your check documents to the RRC program contact listed on the Contact Information section of your program
    • Immunizations and Testing
    Academic Advising Service
    Our academic advising service can provide information about our full-time programs, explain program admission requirements, and help you select the right program to meet your career and academic goals. We can also connect you with helpful people, resources, and supports.
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