BUSIF-DP Business Administration Integrated

Other Information

All students enrolled in the Business Administration Integrated program fall under the umbrella of the ACCESS Model Program and receive supports provided by this program. In the first year, you can take a number of preparatory courses in Communications, Mathematics, Professional Development, and College Studies, offered by the ACCESS faculty, to help you with your academic progress throughout the program.

Financial Assistance
If you are interested in Student Aid financial assistance, contact the College's ACCESS Bursary/Loans Officer at 204-632-2186 or pick up an application form in the ACCESS Model Program Office:

ACCESS Model Program
Room F210, Building F
2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB  R3H 0J9
Fax 204-633-1437
E-mail: access@rrc.mb.ca

If you are a low-income resident of Manitoba who has not had the opportunity to participate or succeed in a college education because of social, economic, or cultural factors, lack of formal education, or geographical location, apply to the ACCESS Business Administration Integrated program. Priority is given to Aboriginal people, recent immigrants, and single parents.

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