COMSP-CT Computer and Network Support

Program Outline

You must successfully complete seven courses to earn a certificate: One First Level course, four Core Courses and two Elective Courses.

You must obtain a minimum grade of C (60%) in each course to graduate from the program.

Courses should be taken in the order shown below. Ensure that you have the prerequisites for each course.
First Level Courses: Select one (1)

  • I.T Fundamentals - C/D (CompTIA Strata Certification Aligned)
    (Best for students without significant prior computer experience)

  • MCSE 1 - C
    (Best for students with significant prior computer experience)

Core Courses: Take the following four (4) courses:

  • CISCO IT Essentials - C (CompTIA A+ Certification Aligned) 
  • Network Infrastructure  - C/D (Network + Certification Aligned)
  • Network Administration - C/D (Server + Certification Aligned)
  • Project Management Fundamentals - C/D  (PMI Aligned)

Elective Courses: Select any two (2) from any stream

Cisco CCNA Stream

  • Cisco Networking 1 (CCNA 1) - C
  • Cisco Networking 2 (CCNA 2) - C

Microsoft MCSE Stream

  • MCSE 1 - C
  • MCSE 2 - C
  • MCSE 3 - C

Linux Stream

  • Linux Professional - (Linux+ Aligned) - D

Technical Communicator Stream

  • Technical Communications 1 - C/D
  • Manual Writing and Design  - C/D
  • C/D - Classroom or Distance Delivery
  • C - Classroom Delivery
  • D - Distance Delivery
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