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Game Development - Art Entrance Portfolio Instructions

Special selection

Students must submit an entrance portfolio. This portfolio is graded and the applicants achieving the highest grades on the portfolio are granted entrance into the program. 

What we are looking for

  • Show three to five samples consisting of renderings of 3D models, drawings, paintings, and any other relevant 3D computer artwork. Please make sure to only send us your best work.   
  • Prepare a resumé stating your educational background, work experience, art training, and any computer software and/or programming experience that you have had. You can also list hobbies and interests, and volunteer work. No references are needed. 
Before you have finished the portfolio

Make sure that you have applied for the Game Development – Art program. Apply online at rrc.ca 

Once you have finished the portfolio

Portfolios must be uploaded to the RRC Polytech by 11:59 PM, the last day of May. Portfolios may not be accepted after this deadline, so make sure to submit early.

Hearing back from us

In early June, after all portfolios have been assessed, you will be contacted by RRC Polytech Enrolment Services letting you know if your portfolio score falls within acceptable range. If so, you will be required to attend a June informational session in which we will provide more information about the program.

Please contact Tom Lepp at tlepp@rrc.ca for more information
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