Employment Potential

Creative Communications has an excellent reputation in the community, and graduates have had much success in finding work in their chosen fields. Past employment records show that a high percentage of graduates are working in program-related fields in Manitoba, other provinces, and other countries. In all areas there are growing opportunities online.

Graduates with a journalism specialization may find employment in writing or editing for newspapers and magazines (print and online); researching, writing and presenting content for broadcast on online, radio and/or television platforms; creating content for other media.

Graduates with an advertising and marketing communications specialization look to futures with advertising agencies, small businesses, corporate offices or government departments, where they work as copywriters, media strategists, marketing coordinators, business managers, or client service representatives.

Graduates with a media production specialization have career possibilities creating content for online, television and radio platforms. Positions in media production can include communication departments in large companies or government, communication firms, production studios, TV newsrooms or programs, radio stations, web-based companies, or freelance videography.

Graduates with a public relations and communication management specialization are prepared for managing all aspects of communications for an organization, business, corporation or government office, including community, media and internal relations, as well as social media strategy.

To find out more about these fields, you could contact people who work as writers, journalists, public relations or communication practitioners, media producers, broadcasters, or technicians in the communications field.

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