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WRKE-4001Work Placement 2

Academic Requisites/Eligibility:

a) Successfully completed all semester three courses to date;
b) Completed Work Placement 1 satisfactorily, as defined by your placement advisor and host supervisor;
b) Maintained a GPA of 2.0 or better in the program;
c) Completed all coursework to date (no missing assignments);
d) Enrolled in one of the four specializations and maintained a grade of C or better in that specialization;
e) Demonstrated workplace readiness through consistently professional conduct throughout the program.

These requirements apply right up to the start of the work placement. An arranged placement may be canceled should a student fail to fulfill the eligibility requirements. Work Placement 2 is the second opportunity for students to gain workplace experience in the communications industry. The three-week placement allows students to apply the skills they develop in the Creative Communications program, get professional feedback on their abilities in the workplace, determine their specific areas of interest in the communications industry, and test their skills against the demands of the workplace.


All term 3 courses in the relevant program stream need to be completed prior to taking WRKE-4001.
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