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CO-OP/Practicum Information

Your business diploma can be enhanced through an optional Term 5 Co-op placement which provides students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in their academic studies to a workplace environment.

The paid Co-op placement allows you to gain valuable industry experience, make industry contacts, and attain a competitive advantage for job search upon graduation. You will also gain practical knowledge about the workplace environment, including expectations, behaviours and ethics required to be successful.

There are a limited number of spaces for students to attain a paid co-op work placement. Students are required to apply to the optional Co-op term during Year One, and are required to meet and maintain all Co-op eligibility requirements during their program of studies. Co-op work placements are not guaranteed, as students are in a competitive job placement market.

Eligibility Requirements:
- Minimum GPA 3.0
- Must have a B or higher in all program communication courses
- Must have completed a minimum of 80% of major required courses
- Must complete employment preparation activities

A Co-op tuition fee is charged to all students registered in a Co-op work term. Co-op fees cover work placement development, pre-employment instruction, and employment-related monitoring. You receive support from a coordinator in the work placement process and have the opportunity to apply for available Co-op work placements. Employment-related monitoring includes support and evaluation by the Co-op coordinator during and after the placement.

For more information about the Co-op term, please contact a year 2 Academic Coordinator. 

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