HEACP-CT Health Care Aide

Program Outline

This program must be completed within 36-months. The passing grade for each course is 70%.

First Course of Study:

  • Health Care Delivery - D
Core Courses: 
The following courses may be taken in conjunction with the Health Care Delivery Course:
  • Safety in Health Care Settings  - D
  • Growth and Development     -  D
  • Interpersonal Relationships  -  D
  • Introduction to Gerontology  -  D

The following courses have pre-requisites and should be taken in the following order:

  • Activities of Daily Living Part 1 - D
  • Activities of Daily Living Part 2 - D
  • Long Term Care - D
  • Caring for Clients in the Community - D
  • Health Care Aid Skills Lab - C

Last Course of Study:

  • *Health Care Aide Clinical Practice - Off Campus

* For additional information and Clinical Practice requirements, please see "CO-OP/Practicum Information"


  • C/D - Classroom or Distance Delivery
  • C - Classroom Delivery
  • D - Distance Delivery
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