HEACP-CT Health Care Aide

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Health Care Aide Program, under the supervision of a nurse, you will show evidence of a beginning ability to:

  • Use the theoretical knowledge base underlying the tasks and responsibilities associated with the role of the health care aide
  • Recognize, understand and respect the individuality, rights and concerns of clients
  • Communicate effectively with clients and their families
  • Develop helping relationships with clients and their families
  • Provide direct care which promotes the comfort and safety of clients
  • Promote independence, particularly with activities of daily living, within client capabilities
  • Detect and report changes in the physical and emotional status of clients
  • Respond to the physical and emotional needs of clients
  • Recognize and report concerns associated with the sociocultural and spiritual needs of clients
  • Follow the general scientific principles associated with theoretical concepts
  • Follow institutional policies
  • Perform skills safely and effectively
  • Perform selected home management and maintenance tasks safely and efficiently
  • Use a problem-solving approach
  • Organize and prioritize his/her own workload
  • Record on clients' records/charts appropriately
  • Maintain confidentiality of all client information
  • Communicate effectively (both orally and in writing) with other health care team members
  • Participate as a member of the health care team
  • Demonstrate responsibility in job performance
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