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WRKS-9177Queer Coded

Calling all rainbow gamers! Meet your peers, learn game development and develop new skills from 2SLGBTQIA industry professionals and allies in a safe and supportive environment. Whether your passions and talents lie in drawing, writing, animation, music or programming, you are welcomed.

This camp is offered by Red River College Polytechnic and New Media Manitoba and focuses on technology, art and creativity. Only 12 seats are available.

New for 2022: This camp is being offered in-class.

No previous game development experience is required. Come with an open mind, a desire to learn, and see what a powerful creative medium video game development can be.

Ages: 13-18.

Topics include:

  • Character design – anatomy, composition, proportion and shape
  • What works and what doesn’t work and what you like and don’t like (exploring favourite games and genres)
  • Storytelling – nonlinear and traditional
  • Creating worlds, characters, setting and the rules for that world and how that can be turned into game mechanics
  • Creating sprites and backgrounds – using created images or pre-made, pen and paper images
  • Implementing your characters and backgrounds into a story with mechanics using a game engine
  • Creating narrative games and/or visual novels
  • Using a visual game creator
Materials needed:

  • Computer – PC OR Mac (laptops can be supplied on-site, but students are encouraged to bring their own if possible)
  • Mouse
  • Microsoft Teams app (included with registration)
  • Internet connection
  • Optional: sketchpad or notepad

Is your preferred camp section full?  Call 204.694.1789 to be added to the wait list.

When registering online, please enter your child's name and birthdate, along with parental contact information and birthdate. If your child is under the age of 16, please enter your own birthdate in place of theirs.

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