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Courses and Descriptions

Courses and Descriptions

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
In addition to Transfer of Credit from a recognized post secondary institution, other RPL processes are available for RPL courses. Click here for more information. For courses with no RPL, please check for additional contact information.
BUSA-1166Small Business Plans
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A practical opportunity for you to realistically develop a detailed program or plan for a small business of your own. Increase your understanding of what it takes to succeed in an entrepreneurial career and create a comprehensive business plan for your new venture concept. The venture can be a completely new business idea, the development of a franchise, the purchase of an existing business, the succession of a family business or expansion of an existing business. The final business plan is developed, designed, written and printed entirely by the participant.

COMM-1000Business Communication 1RPL
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This course will guide students through the techniques and processes involved in writing, speaking, and listening effectively for business. Students will be taught skills for networking, meetings, and working in teams. Students will apply a direct approach to create professional emails and letters. Students will learn strategies for competent information report writing. Students will be taught how to create and deliver a memorable oral presentation. The proper use of business writing rules, grammar, and etiquette will be emphasized throughout the course.

COMM-1016Report Writing
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In this course, you will focus on writing clear and effective business communication. Using a variety of report formats, you will learn the basic steps of report writing, including planning your approach, organizing information, writing the first draft, revising for clarity, and documenting sources. You also learn how to use supplementary visual aids to enhance your written report.

COMM-1020Editing Plain Language
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Review and use the rules of grammar, levels of edit and plain English to edit your own writing and the writing of others for content, tone, organization, mechanics and format, especially as these topics apply to technical communication. Covers punctuation, spelling, editing techniques, editor's symbols, online editing and plain English.

COMM-1021Proposal Writing
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Understand the proposal writing process. Discover the requirements for responding to a formal request for proposal. Explore the different types of proposals that organizations submit to obtain business or funding. Understand the value of persuasive writing, audience analysis and documentation standards.

COMM-1023Basic Business CommunicationsRPL
More Information

Develop the basic principles of business writing and discuss topics such as: standard business formats, the ability to write clear, readable letters and memos.  It also reviews correct grammar and usage and how to improve effectiveness as a speaker.

COMM-1096Online Documentation
More Information

Whether you are moving into web development, starting to develop online help, thinking about multimedia publishing, or just want to distribute information electronically, this course will provide you with the foundations for online information design and development.

COMM-1132Introduction to Freelance Writing
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Introduction to Freelance Writing is designed to provide you with the skills to get started in the freelance writing business, whether in magazines, newspapers or creative writing. You will analyze publications and complete a number of writing exercises to develop your skills and learn how to break into the industry

COMM-1135Basic Writing for Creative Communications
More Information

You will develop your ability to write with clarity and creativity for a variety of forms and audiences. Clear and engaging communication is impossible without a solid understanding of how writing works – and a great deal of practice at it. This course covers the fundamentals of correct and clear writing, techniques for crafting stories and arguments, and the research and writing processes. You should expect to do a substantial volume of reading and writing in the course.

COMM-1138Manual Writing and Design
More Information

Create and design a manual with an emphasis on readability, accessibility and usability. Learn the importance of writing user manuals and discover how a well-written manual can be an asset to companies and to consumers.

COMM-1140Writing Children's Books
More Information

If you are thinking about publishing or just writing books for your own children, think about this course. You will explore the creative process, learn the basics of writing for children and teens, complete the first draft of a picture book or a novel chapter, and study the implications illustrations have on writing text for picture books. The publishing process will be covered. (Course applies to writing for children from ages 3 and up.)

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Learn to write a short video script and prepare it for production. To allow learners time to draft a longform script, the course will be presented in two sections. By the end of the course, learners will be able to write for different mediums; develop characters and change as part of a story; write for documentaries and docu-dramas, and differentiate between entertainment and news writing; develop and adapt elements of good screenplay; examine the tools of the trade for screenwriters; exchange and develop longform screenplays; and script and scene screenplays.

COMM-1243Technical Communication 1
More Information

Learn the principles of technical communication. Develop your skills to research, design and organize documents. Practice your skills using plain language techniques to produce clear, effective writing. Ideal for anyone who writes for business, government or industry.

COMM-9123Creative Writing
More Information

Unearth the creativity within you in this introductory course in creative writing. Explore techniques in writing fiction, creative non-fiction, journalism and memoir. Learn to refine your prose, edit your work for style and clarity and develop written communication skills applicable to work or personal expression.

COMM-9193Preliminary Writing Strategies
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You will be provided with a solid foundation in the fundamental skills of writing. English grammar, punctuation and proper sentence structure will be reviewed, although medical writing will be the focus.

SEMR-9206Preparing Newsletters
More Information

Learn the purpose of newsletters, preparation methods, content guidelines, deadline issues, various page layouts, paper selection, and reproduction or printing considerations.

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