Recent Changes

Effective January 2016, a new curriculum will be introduced to the RN Refresher (RNR) program. RNR courses will be offered once per term (Fall, Winter & Spring). Students will have a maximum of 13-weeks to complete each course. No course extensions or exam rewrites will be allowed.Students are permitted to take up to 3-courses per term

Each course has a minimum grade of "B" required.  If students are not successful in achieving the minimum grade required, course(s) will need to be retaken (re-registration into a future section and payment in full will be required). .

The new curriculum includes 7-core courses and a Nursing Practice clinical component.

Course Equivalencies: 

  • NURS-1310 Professional Nursing Practice/RN (formerly NURS-1300 Professional Nursing Practice)
  • NURS-1309 Community Health/RN (formerly NURS-1301 Health Teaching & Community)
  • NURS-1308 Gerontology/RN (formerly NURS-1302 Gerontology & Mental Health)
  • NURS-1306 Health Assessment and Techniques/RN (formerly NURS-1304 Nursing Skills Review)
  • NURS-2011 Pharmacology for Nurses (remains the same)
  • *NURS-1305 Adult Health - Acute Conditions/RN (formerly NURS-1303 Health Restoration & Maintenance)
  • *NURS-1307 Adult Health - Chronic Conditions/RN (formerly NURS-1303 Health Restoration & Maintenance)
  • PRAC-1174 Nursing Practice (remains the same)

*The previous NURS-1303 Health Restoration & Maintenance course has now been divided into two courses.

Three elective courses are also available for general interest:


  • NURS-1020 Fundamentals of Mental Health Nursing
  • NURS-1021 Fundamentals of Maternal/Newborn Nursing
  • NURS-1022 Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing Theory

For additional information on Electives, please contact Lisa Robinson by phone: 204-632-2328 or email:

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