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PLAR-1205RPL Independent Study

This course credit may be completed through the successful completion of relevant courses, workshops, seminars or other professional education related to RPL. Learners may choose a subject in their field of practice or interest, or may transfer in an approved credit from another post-secondary institution.

Other Information

Independent Study Options. The following is a list of RRC courses/workshops that can be taken to complete the Independent Study course credit:

COMM-1021 Proposal Writing - 40 hours

COMM-1016 Report Writing - 40 hours

HUMR-1015 Human Resource Management - 64 hours

HUMR-1058 Strategic HR Planning - 20 hours

HUMR-1839 Ethical Issues in HRM - 20 hours

MGMT-1003 Assertiveness Training - 40 hours

MGMT-1080 Human Resource Management - 40 hours

MGMT-1057 Risk Management - 20 hours

PDEV-1982 Critical Thinking - 12 hours

PROJ-1002 Project Management Plan and Estimate - 44 hours

PROJ-1030 Project Management Fundamentals - 44 hours

PROJ-1044 Agile Project Management - 40 hours

SEMR-9096 Conflict Resolution - 8 hours

SEMR-9115 Managing Change - 8 hours

SEMR-9118 Team Building - 8 hours

SEMR-9123 Competency Profiling - 8 hours

SEMR-9185 Communicating in Conflict - 8 hours

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Textbooks and Booklists

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