Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:
  1. List and describe the various types of health care facilities.
  2. List and describe the major functions of the dietetics department in health care institutions.
  3. Describe the specific roles within a dietary department.
  4. Apply the Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating to daily living.
  5. Identify the food groups associated with the Diabetes Food Guide.
  6. List and describe standard and therapeutic diets used in health care facilities.
  7. List and describe the various texture and fluid modified diets.
  8. Explain the specific nutrient concerns of persons in institutionalized long term care environments.
  9. Understand the basic concepts of menu planning.
  10. Display effective hand-washing and infection control skills.
  11. Practice basic food safety.
  12. Display proper body mechanics in the workplace.
  13. Demonstrate effective communication skills for the workplace.
  14. List and describe the major classes of nutrients.
  15. Identify where to access the nutrient recommendation guidelines for Canadians.
  16. Demonstrate the reading of food labels and the application to daily living.
  17. Explain the relationship between nutrition and certain chronic diseases.
  18. Describe the changes in nutrition needs throughout the lifecycle.
  19. Develop attractive menus using appropriate techniques for flavour and appearance combinations.
  20. Revise standard recipes into large-scale quantities for food service establishments.
  21. Describe how to alter a recipe for the various therapeutic diets.
  22. Describe the principles for preparing and portioning foods and beverages.
  23. Identify the measures and weights indicated on recipes.
  24. Identify the aspects of a well-designed institutional food service establishment.
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