PART-TIME | WINNIPEG LOCATIONS TLOGP-CT Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing this certificate program, students will be able to:
  • Explain the supply chains and how they interact and integrate with various industries of an economy.
  • Demonstrate strategic communication skills in the workplace and the business environment in both written and oral modes.
  • Apply macro and microeconomics to the day-to-day operational decisions in supply chains.
  • Describe the supply chain system the organization, people activities, information and resources and their relationship to the product or service and the consumer.
  • Analyze management challenges in transportation and logistics processes to make business decisions.
  • Use data analysis techniques to aid decision-making in finding efficiencies in transportation and logistics.
  • Apply the project management approach to managing the operations in a logistics business.
  • Discuss the importance of integration of all business functions in an efficient logistics organization.
  • Develop a working level of competency with legislation, regulations, and contract law that directly corresponds to the supply chain industry.
  • Define risk in logistics and how it can be identified in different settings and managed through research, analysis, planning, forecasting, estimating, etc.
  • Integrate and apply concepts and skills learned through coursework in a professional setting of a logistics organization.
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