PART-TIME | WINNIPEG LOCATIONS EDUAP-CT Educational Assistant Certificate

Program Outline

You must successfully complete 17 courses and the practicum to graduate from this program. Total program hours will be either 548 or 554 hours, depending on your chosen electives. You must obtain a grade of C+ in each course to successfully complete the program. The practicum is evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

Courses will be available through full-time and part-time classroom and distance delivery. Your total program hours will depend on the electives you choose (548 or 554 hours).

Part-time courses are available primarily through distance delivery. Limited space may be available in select full-time courses for part-time registrations. For more information,
contact: 204-694-1789 or toll free 1-866-242-7073.

Note: Students may take a course and its prerequisite at the same time, however the first five courses listed below must be taken in the following order.

  • Basic Computer Applications (EDUA-1001)
  • Academic Writing (EDUA-1002)
  • Inclusive Education (EDUA-1003)
  • EA Roles and Responsibilities (EDUA-1004)
  • Communication & Partnerships (EDUA-1006)

These courses can be taken in any order, but the following order is recommended:

  • *Portfolio Development  (EDUA-1005) (not available through Distance)
    *Distance students should register for Portfolio Development Online (PDEV-2001)
  • Characteristics of Learners (EDUA-1007)
  • Managing Behaviour (EDUA-1008)
  • Supporting Learning Environment (EDUA-1009)
  • Observation & Documentation (EDUA-1010)
  • Professionalism (EDUA-1011)
  • Instructional Technology (EDUA-1012)
  • Exceptional Students (EDUA-1013)
  • ELA Content & Practice (EDUA-1014)
  • Math Content & Practice (EDUA-1015)
  • First Aid/CPR Level C*

Elective (choose one):

  • NVCI (SEMR-9078)
  • WEVAS (PDEV-1080)

Last course:

  • Practicum-Educational Assistant (PRAC-1035) or Practicum-EA Option (PRAC-1036)

Optional (Not as credit towards the program):

  • Mental Health First Aid - Youth (HEAL-1047)

*Due to circumstances related to COVID-19, students in the EA program will be required to complete First Aid/ CPR through an external provider and submit documentation supporting completion in order to proceed to practicum and graduate from their program.  

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