Recent Changes

Program Changes:

During 2013-2014, the College conducted a review of the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate Program as part of the quality curriculum process. The review was facilitated by the Program and Curriculum Department in consultation with the Program Advisory Committee, industry and program instructors.

Effective September 1, 2014, the following revisions have been made to the program:

1. SAFE-1032 OHS Documentation & Reporting - This course has replaced the COMM-1022 OHS-Business Communication 1 course. Learn how to prepare reports that utilize current OHS research, issues and workplace performance data from OHS documentation.

If, prior to December 30, 2013, you have successfully completed COMM-1022 OHS-Business Communication 1, you will maintain credit for a communications course in the program. You will not be required to take the SAFE-1032 OHS Documentation & Reporting course.

Currently, there is no other communications course equivalent to the SAFE-1032 OHS Documentation & Reporting.

2. SAFE-1031 Hazard Recognition and Control - This course will develop your ability to identify and determine physical, biological, chemical, cognitive and psychosocial hazards and controls for the workplace environment. This course will provide both the theoretical and practical experience necessary to evaluate and implement hazard controls in the workplace environment, such as administrative, engineering, and personal protective equipment.

You must successfully complete this course prior to completing the SAFE-1015 Safety Audit and Analysis and attending the workplace experience.

3. SAFE-1015 Safety Audit and Analysis - This practical application course provides you with experience in the use of a systematic approach to evaluate and explain safety performance in terms of strengths and weaknesses. This course provides you with the necessary skills and application for conducting safety audits and analysis.
For the full-time program, this course will also give students the necessary knowledge, skills and judgments required for completion of the six week workplace experience.

4. SAFE-1063 OHS Capstone Project is an alternative to the workplace experience for part-time Continuing Education students only. To participate in the project you must be employed in the field.
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