Program Outline

Core Legal Courses

BUSA-1106 Legal Office Applications

BUSA-1041 Real Property

BUSA-1048 Corporate & Commercial Law

BUSA-1034 Civil Litigation

BUSA-1107 Legal Transcription

BUSA-1163 Wills and Estates

BUSA-1072 Family Law

Administrative Courses

BUSA-1157  Teambuilding

MATH-1004  Business Math

BUSA-1026  Bookkeeping and Accounting for Small Business

ACCT-1088  Simply Accounting

BUSA-1031  Business Law 1

COMM-1173 Communication Strategies

COMM-2172 Communication for the Workplace

COMM-2174 Communication for Business

Computer Courses

COMP-1388 Computer Keyboarding

COMP-1975 Business Computing

COMP-2053 MS Word Advanced

PRAC-1023  Legal Assistant Practicum (final course) 150 hour

Total Program Time - Approximately 1012 hours

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