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BUSA-1031Business Law 1

Investigate the world of business law, beginning with an introduction to the Canadian legal system and the administration of justice. Learn about everything from torts to title of goods, and bankruptcy to basis for liability. Review the requirements for a valid contract, factors that may render a contract invalid or unenforceable, and ways in which a contract may legally be discharged.

Other Information

Introduction--Law and the Machinery of Justice:  Definition, meaning, history, sources and jurisdiction of law. The British North America Act; the court system; avenues of appeal; and trial procedure.

Tort Law:  Scope and development of tort law; the basis for liability, elements of a tort action; the concept of causation. Negligence and other torts. Enforcing judgments: The Manitoba Garnishments Act.

Formation, Interpretation and Operation of contracts:  Essential elements of a contract; vitiating elements; discharge of contracts; breach of contracts.

Sale of Goods Contracts:  The Manitoba Sale of Goods Act; terms in a contract of sale; title to goods; scope of the seller's liability; remedies of the buyer and of the seller; the bill of lading; and devices for securing credit; the chattel mortgage and the conditional sales agreement. The Manitoba Consumer Protection Act.

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