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FULL-TIME | WINNIPEG LOCATIONS INTAF-CT Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Courses and Descriptions

Courses and Descriptions

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
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AMEG-1003Aircraft Ground Handling
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Topics covered in the course are: how to safely perform ground handling and servicing of aircraft, and select and use appropriate fire extinguishers for fire suppression.

AMEG-1005Aircraft Hardware
More Information

Students will learn how to select and install aircraft hardware and ensure that installed hardware is certified and traceable.

AMEG-1007Aircraft Structural Materials
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Students will learn to select proper materials for airframe repair and maintenance and assess and control corrosion.

AMEG-1011Electrical Systems 1
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Students will be introduced to direct current electrical theory, including atomic structure, electrostatics, and magnetism as applicable to aircraft electrical systems. Students will explore a variety of aircraft storage batteries, electrical measuring devices, and complete practical projects involving aircraft batteries, Ohm's and Kirchhoff's laws.

AMEG-10194-Airframe Fuel Systems
More Information

Students will learn how to safely service an aircraft with the correct rated fuel. Students will also be taught general maintenance of aircraft fuel systems.

AMEG-1024Aviation Math and Physics
More Information

Students will use applied mathematics and physics as problem-solving tools in day-to-day aircraft maintenance activities.

AMEG-10258-Structures Assembly & Rigging
More Information

This course describes the assembly of aircraft and rigging of aircraft flight controls.

AMEG-102919-Weight & Balance
More Information

Students will learn to weight aircraft as per manufacturers' recommendations, compute centre of gravity, prepare a new or revised weight and balance and amend the equipment list as required.

AMEG-1030Tools & Equipment
More Information

Students will learn how to identify, select and safely use appropriate tools and equipment in aircraft maintenance.

AMEG-1277Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems
More Information

Students will learn how to safely service and maintain aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

AVIA-1005Aircraft Propulsion Systems
More Information

Aircraft Propulsion Systems provides the fundamentals and basic operating principles for aircraft motive systems, including gas turbine engines, piston engines, and aircraft propellers.

AVIA-1009Intro to CARs
More Information

Introduction to the Canadian Aviation Regulations identifies the basic framework of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, enabling participants to navigate the standards and regulations associated with Canadian civil aviation. 

AVIA-1035Rotary Wing Theory of Flight
More Information

This course gives the student the basic principles of helicopter theory of flight. The student will be able to identify the major components of a helicopter and state the operating principle of each component.

AVIA-1038Sheet Metal Forming
More Information

Students will practice sheet metal forming projects to gain experience in handling aircraft aluminum, riveting, and sheet metal forming within an aircraft standard.

AVIA-1058Human Factors
More Information

Meets requirements of Human Factors Training
• Includes methods of dealing with stress, fatigue, complacency and distraction
• Enhances communication and safety methods
• Examines efficiency in the workplace
• Certificate of Attendance for Human Factors Training is issued as a result of attending the full 14 hour session

More Information

Students will learn to read and interpret common types of aircraft technical drawings encountered in day-to-day aircraft maintenance or repair and create sketches or drawings that accurately transmit technical information.

AVIA-1067Landing Gear
More Information

Students will learn how to service and maintain landing gear systems and related components including wheels, brakes, indication systems and warning systems.

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