Student/Alumni Testimonial

"The practical knowledge and skills I acquired through the Advanced Diploma in International Business have proven to be invaluable to my career in international market development. The intensive twelve-month program provided me with many of the skills I utilize on a daily basis. Simulating the high pressure environment of the real business world, the program equipped me with the ability to give effective presentations, network effectively, negotiate successfully, and to analyze information from a variety of sources and make informed decisions based on that information. It wasn't the easiest 12 months of training, but it was definitely the most valuable."

Jamie Huget
Senior International Market Development Officer/Agent principal de dèvelopment des marchès internationaux
Central America and the South American Markets
Bureau Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada

"The Advanced International Business Program is your ticket for a successful career in international business!  I have gained the practical skills and knowledge needed for today’s marketplace. The international internship provided me with hands-on training, which gave me the experience I needed to start a career in my field. I have traveled on business to countries such as the United States, Chile, Argentina, China and Trinidad and Tobago. The Advanced International Business Program is excellent and I recommend it enthusiastically!"

Cheryl Kanhai
Domestic and International Sales Manager
Maxim Software Systems
Winnipeg, MB.

"Red River College helped me get the practical skills that my resume was lacking. The mixture of in-class learning and workplace environment training gave me an edge when looking for a job. Although the workload was intense, learning to deal with that is an invaluable tool. With everything from public speaking to proposal writing, RRC equipped me with “real-life” skills that foster the growth of my career everyday."

Dale Vencatasamy
Business Development
Standard Aero Energy

"I decided to take the International Business Program three years ago and have never regretted my decision since then. This course gave me all the necessary skills I needed to find a good job in the today’s highly competitive job market and to keep it. The program provided students with many possibilities of networking in the Winnipeg business community. I believe this course has a well developed ratio between theoretical and practical lessons and trainings. It is definitely a wise investment of anyone’s time and money and it will pay off."

Roman Shevchuk
Customer Service Representative
Delmar International Inc.
21-1313 Border Street
Winnipeg, MB.  R3H 0Y4
Tel.  office:  204-632-8800
Fax. office: 204-632-1313

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