Program Outline

Each year of the program has a specific focus, as follows:

Year 1 - Technical foundations
Year 2 - Technical expertise
Year 3 - Gold Seal and management details
Year 4 - Leadership and management

Elective Courses
The elective courses listed for Year 2 are bridging courses for diploma graduates of Civil Engineering Technology programs who are intending to enter the Construction Management program at the start of Year 3. Consult the Program Coordinator to confirm which courses would apply to each Civil program.

The Year 3 elective course Environmental Management CMDP-2001 is a mandatory elective for Civil diploma graduates from the Structural, Municipal or Geomatics programs.

The elective courses listed for third year and fourth year may be subject to change.  Notice would be given at the beginning of a semester when a change is being implemented. This process will provide flexibility in the delivery of electives and will allow the program to respond to new trends and requirements from industry. The list of possible electives in the third and fourth years of the program will always provide two or more options for students to select from each semester.

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