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CO-OP/Practicum Information

Are you a current Business Administration (BA) program student who would like to gain program-related industry experience to help jump-start your career? 

You can enhance your education through an optional co-operative education (co-op) placement. The 15-week paid co-op placement provides you with the opportunity to:
  • Apply the knowledge gained in your academic studies to a workplace environment
  • Gain valuable industry experience
  • Make industry contacts
  • Attain a competitive advantage for job search upon graduation
  • Gain practical knowledge about the workplace environment, including expectations, behaviour and ethics required to be successful.
  • Receive a BA Co-op Program diploma
There are a limited number of co-op placements each year (approximately 60), and the number of placements allocated to each BA major may vary from year to year. 

You will compete with your fellow students for co-op placements through program grade point average (GPA) and interviews with potential employers.  Because of this competitive nature, not all students will secure a placement and placements are not guaranteed.

If you successfully secure a co-op placement, you will register into an additional term (Term 5) and be assessed tuition fees. Payment of the tuition fees will be required prior to the start of your co-op placement. These fees cover:
  • Work placement development
  • Pre-employment instruction
  • Employment related monitoring including support from and evaluation by RRC’s Work Integrated Learning Coordinator during and after your placement
If you secure a placement but do not successfully complete the placement, you will graduate from the regular Business Administration program if you have completed all courses required for your selected major.


Annual application deadline: September 15

Term 1 and 2 Requirements
NOTE: to apply for the co-op placement, you will need to log in using the personal email address used when you initially applied to the college (do not use your RRC account). If you don't recall which personal email address you used, visit your hub account under payments and profiles, or contact student services for support.

The co-op application process may request documentation; however, you are not required to upload any documents.

APPLY to the optional co-op placement if:
    • You are currently enrolled in the Business Administration program
    • You have successfully completed/achieved the following in Terms 1 and 2:
      • All core and required courses for selected major
      • Minimum BA program GPA of 3.0
      • Minimum grade of B in all program communication courses
    • Offers of conditional admission will be e-mailed to applicants who successfully complete the Term 1 and 2 requirements based upon BA program GPA in descending order until seats in the co-op preparation  course are filled. Therefore, not all applicants who meet Term 1 and 2 requirements will receive an offer of conditional admission.
Term 3 and 4 Requirements
If you receive an offer of conditional admission, you will be required to successfully complete/achieve the following:
    • Term 3
      • All core and required courses for selected major
      • Minimum BA program GPA of 3.0 
      • Minimum grade of B in all program communication courses
    • Term 4
      • Co-op preparation course
      • Secure a co-op placement through the competitive interview process
If you meet all of the above requirements, including securing a co-op placement, you will be officially admitted to the BA Co-op program.

If you are not successful in meeting the above requirements or securing a co-op placement, your non-refundable co-op program application will be cancelled and you will remain in the regular BA program.


Students considering the Co-op program or employers interested in offering a placement may contact:

Brian Rochat
Phone: 204-230-1429
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