Computer/Laptop Requirements

You will be required to purchase a laptop computer and related software for use throughout the program.

The use of laptop computers is an integral part of this program. It will enhance your learning and competitiveness in the job market. This universal-access approach to learning is a shared one between students and the College.

Do not purchase a laptop until you have been accepted and registered in the program.

Students in this program are required to bring their own laptop that meets or exceeds the following specifications

1. Intel processor 2.5GHz at minimum (strongly recommend an i7 processor).
    Do not get an Intel Celeron processor.
2. 8 GB basic (strongly recommended 16GB) for memory
3. Wireless capability.
4. Be sure that your computer can also connect using network cable.
    You will need additional adaptor if your laptop does not have an Ethernet port.
5. A network cable is necessary at all times in the classrooms (approximately 5 feet or 1.5 meters).
6. Windows 10 Desktop Operating System. (64bit)
7. A mouse is required, especially for AutoCAD. (does not need to be fancy; must have a ‘roller-wheel’).
8. Additional software will be provided such as MS Office. Installation will occur during class time using the network cable you bring, not over the wireless network.

Requirements for the AutoCAD 2020 can be found at (final version of software to be used for course work will be decided at a later date and installed in AutoCAD class):

The College will provide a detailed list of required software, network access, and help desk support if you require assistance. You will have on-campus access to e-mail, College networks, and the Internet.

Off-campus access to the Internet is the responsibility of the student.

Please refer to https://www.rrc.ca/future-students/computer-requirements/ for further information on Computer Requirements for Students.

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