Program Outline

This program gives you the hands-on training required for a career as an Animal Health Technologist. You will learn the theoretical components of the course in the classroom, followed by practical laboratory techniques. Practical training in all areas is reinforced through work experience.

This is a two-year program with two terms in each year:

  • The fall term for both first- and second-year students is September to mid-December.
  • The winter term for first-year students is January to the beginning of June. For second-year students, it is January to the end of April, followed by graduation.

First Year
The first year of the AHT program focuses on developing a sound knowledge of the basic sciences as a foundation for animal health care. This includes courses in the following:

  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Microbiology

It also includes training in the following:

  • Animal science
  • Animal behaviour
  • Restraint
  • Medical nursing
  • Laboratory procedures for common domestic animals

First-year students will be expected to care for animals at the College on a rotational basis before classes start in the morning and immediately after the end of school day. You will also be expected to participate in large animal labs/clinics where neutering and other forms of care are provided.

Second Year
The second year of the program concentrates on advancing your veterinary medical skills with further exposure to common species such dogs, cats, horses, cows, and pigs. The care of laboratory animals and avian and exotic species is also included.

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