TECVF-DP Technical Vocational Teacher Education

Program Outline

The Red River College Technical Vocational Teacher Education accelerated one-year program makes up the first three years of the five-year Joint Red River College - University of Winnipeg Bachelor of Education Degree with a major in vocational education.

Year 1
Students receive credit for the following upon acceptance into the RRC accelerated program
RRC     Vocational Training and Related Work Experience (45 credit hours)

Year 2
Students complete the following as part of the RRC accelerated program
RRC     Training and Work Experience
RRC     Liberal Arts/Science Course Work - communications, math/science, microcomputers, social science
RRC     Seminar and School Experience

Year 3
Students complete the following as part of the RRC accelerated program
RRC     Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment – Vocational Education
RRC     Educational Psychology
RRC     Organizing Vocational Education Facilities
RRC     Principles of Vocational Education
RRC     Audio Visual and Technical Education
RRC     Student Teaching Practicum – Vocational Education

Graduates will receive a Diploma in Vocational Teacher Education and eligibility for a Permanent Special Vocational Teaching Certificate.

Year 4
U of W  Arts/Science course work in teachable minor
U of W  Arts/Science electives

Year 5
U of W  Education Electives
U of W  Reading in Content Areas
U of W  Educational Policy
U of W  Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment – Teachable Minor
U of W  Student Teaching Practicum – Teachable Minor

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