Courses and Descriptions

Courses and Descriptions

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
In addition to Transfer of Credit from a recognized post secondary institution, other RPL processes are available for RPL courses. Click here for more information. For courses with no RPL, please check www.rrc.ca/rpl for additional contact information.
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The first half of this course in accounting covers double-entry bookkeeping procedures, period-end adjustments, and preparation of financial statements pertaining to sole proprietorships.  The second half of the course covers cost accounting concepts, including identification and behaviour of costs, financial statements of a manufacturer, cost-volume-profit analysis, job-order costing, and financial statement analysis.

COMM-1073Business English
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You will learn techniques to speak and write effectively for business in the current Canadian environment. You will learn interpersonal techniques such as active listening, providing feedback, and the proper use of voicemail. You will develop your written communication skills by learning how to compose and format letters, memos, informal reports and email. You will apply your communication skills to planning, developing, and presenting short business presentations.  

COMM-1382Professional Development
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Did you know that two-thirds of new jobs are found through networking? This course will prepare you to enter the workplace as you focus on developing a professional work image. You will strengthen your job search/networking skills by writing/updating resumes and cover letters, learning the nuances and strategies behind a successful job interview, and participating in a simulated interview experience.  The specific focus of this course is on developing the skills necessary for the completion of your PROJ-2001 Work Experience course

ECON-1003Economic Geography
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This course examines the impact of geography and the environment shaping human economic activities – at a global, regional, and local level. Economic activity will be placed within the human response to their environment and the geography of their world.

FNCE-3000International Finance
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This course is designed to expose students to the basic concepts underlying the financial manager's approach to decision-making. The course focuses on building a basic understanding of accounting and finance fundamentals, such as financial statement creation and analysis, financial ratios, risk, leverage, capital budgeting, short and long-term financing, taxation and working capital management. The second part of the course will look at these fundamental concepts from an international perspective including, but not limited to, various international monetary bodies, the multinational corporation, financial considerations in conducting international business and banking, central banks and their impact on interest rates and currency fluctuation.

ILAW-3000International Law
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The purpose of this course is to introduce the international business student to a broad range of issues, concepts, and key organizations in international law.  This course will examine the different world legal systems with particular focus on the common law.  After developing a fundamental understanding of key legal concepts the course will examine international trade law and the resolution of international commercial disputes. 

INTL-1384International Political Economy
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Business gurus, scholars and political leaders increasingly attribute economic success to changes in a global business environment. It is hard to gain a competitive advantage in international trade without exposure to the study of international political economy.

This course is designed to achieve three main objectives:
• To familiarize the student with the basic concepts and theories associated with International Political Economy (IPE);
• To explore issues associated with practical applications of international political economy and
• To analyze the impact of IPE issues on a contemporary, global business organization

INTL-3003International Logistics
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This course examines the process of moving the product/service from the design stage to the customer's doorstep. Topics include documentation, regulatory compliance, transportation, and other logistics issues.

MGMT-2000Introduction to International Business
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This course is an introduction to the economic, political, and cultural factors that influence the international marketplace. The course focuses on the application of international business theory as it relates to current trends and practices in international business.

MGMT-2001Culture & Ethics
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The principal objectives of this course are to give students an introduction to the diversity of global cultures, and to understand how these cultures represent both opportunities and challenges in the 21st century social and business environment. The course will also explore the nature of ethics in the international business environment and the individual responsibility to demonstrate ethical behavior. Students will analyze, discuss, present and write material that reflects their growing knowledge of culture and ethics as a driving force that underlies global citizenship and responsibility.

MGMT-3010Strategy in International Business
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The course examines the role of strategy in business with an emphasis on the management of international companies. Through seminars and case studies, students will review the best practices of international strategic management and apply them to the contemporary business environment.

MRKT-1015International Marketing
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This course is designed to expose the students to the field of marketing and its applications to markets outside of Canada. Students will be familiarized with the institutions and mechanisms of marketing outside Canada and the role of geography, culture, customs and infrastructure of the major countries on the international scene.

MRKT-1383International Sales & Negotiations
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This course takes a detailed look at the personal sales function as it applies to international business. Topics include tools to build relationships, sales techniques, sales presentations,  the management of the sales process, trade shows and international negotiations.

MRKT-3013International Marketing Management
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This course applies the process of marketing management to the marketing of products/services within the global marketplace by emphasizing specific topics of significance to international marketing.

PROJ-2001Work Experience
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The student will complete a minimum six-week work experience, either paid or unpaid. While the college will help students find work placements, it is each student’s responsibility to find a position. The college approved placement must be related to the specialty courses of the program. Students will prepare an assignment related to the placement, and final evaluation will be assessed by the work placement supervisor and the college. 

PROJ-2003Industry Project A
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Students will learn to identify and validate an international (preferably) business opportunity. Students will be shown a pathway to execute on the idea opportunity in the modern economy using lean start-up methodologies.

The project involves preparation of a feasibility study to introduce, via import or export, a product or service to a foreign market.

PROJ-3001Industry Project B
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Students working in groups are expected to display their knowledge by completing a comprehensive business plan for a profit seeking company.  This course requires students to integrate and apply what they have learned in other courses in the International Business program.

Each group will deliver a written business plan that includes both primary and secondary research, and analysis and findings pertinent to their business and industry. The business plan will also be presented to a panel jury.

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