ASLDF-CT ASL and Deaf Studies

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

The ASL & Deaf Studies certificate graduate will be able to:
  1. Commit to ongoing development by practicing in ASL and English while networking and collaborating with the community;
  2. Maintain a balanced quality of life, trust and integrity by developing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills;
  3. Act as an ally with Deaf Communities through ongoing involvement and reciprocity to support community goals, build trust and bridge cultures;
  4. Perform own understanding of values from the perspective of the Deaf Community's values on Deaf literature;
  5. Respect Deaf culture, beliefs, values, attitudes, language, traditions and norms;
  6. Discuss the historical context of Deaf Culture, beliefs, values, attitudes, language, traditions and norms;
  7. Describe aspects, responsibilities and challenges of the roles of the ASL - English Interpreter.
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