CO-OP/Practicum Information

This program integrates classroom theory with related on-the-job training by alternating academic study and practicums. 

At the end of Year 1, you will spend three weeks (120 hours) in a veterinary clinic practicing the skills learned in the first year of the program. You will have a specified set of skills to complete during the practicum, and you will be supervised directly by clinic and College staff.

In Year 2, you will spend two weeks (80 hours) in a veterinary clinic during February assisting clinic staff with duties and becoming proficient in the skills taught in the program. Emphasis will be placed on proficiency in surgical nursing and anesthesiology skills during this practicum.

At the end of Year 2, the final three-week practicum (120 hours) is spent in a veterinary clinic where you will fine tune the skills necessary for a successful career in Veterinary Technology. This final practicum often results in a job placement after graduation.

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