FULL-TIME | WINNIPEG LOCATIONS ACADF-NA Applied Commerce Education - After Degree

Program Outline

In addition to the RRC Polytech courses listed in Courses and Descriptions, you must complete the following:

Year 3
U of W  SY CIA: MY for SY Teachers (based on teachable minor) (3) 
U of W  SY CIA I: Various (based on teachable minor) (3)
U of W  SY CIA: Literacy Across the Curriculum (3)
U of W  Inc Approaches (3) 
U of W  Just and Effective Schools (3)
U of W  Contemporary Issues in Inner City Education (3)
U of W  Intro Aboriginal Ed (3)
U of W  Classroom Management (3)
U of W  Practicum Block Arts/Science teachable minor (3)

One of:

U of W   School System (3) OR
U of W  Ed Foundations (3): CLAS-2050, EDUC-3400, EDUC-4401, HIST-2514, HIST-251 PHIL-2291, UIC-2515

Application for Continuance Form

This form must be completed by students who are enrolled in this program, currently attending classes at the University of Winnipeg only and will be returning to take classes at Red River College Polytechnic. Download the form at /Catalogue/files/File/admissions/ContinuanceFormTeacherEd.pdf

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