Program Outline

You must successfully complete nine courses and three workshops to earn a certificate.

First Course of Study 

  • MGMT-1080 - Human Resource Management- C/D (no longer offered, choose one of the below options)
  • HUMR-1064 - Human Resource Management- 

Core Courses:

  • HUMR-1017  Compensation - C/D
  • HUMR-1019  Human Behaviour in Organizations - C/D
  • HUMR-1002  Labor Relations- C/D
  • HUMR-1184  Recruitment and Selection - C/D
  • HUMR-1063  Training and Development - C/D

Elective Courses (choose three for completion of RRC Certificate or four of five CPHR electives for NKE waiver):

  • MGMT-1003 Assertiveness Training - C
  • HUMR-1007  Payroll and Taxable Benefits - C/D
  • HUMR-1160  Computerized HRM - C
  • HUMR-1000  Collective Bargaining - C
  • HUMR-1022  Employment and Labour Law (CPHR ELECTIVE)  - C/D
  • HUMR-1839 *Ethical Issues in HRM - D
  • HUMR-1021  *Global HR Issues - D
  • HUMR-1028  *HR Metrics and Analytics (CPHR ELECTIVE)- D
  • HUMR-1103  Issues and Trends in HRM - C/D
  • MGMT-1161  Management Principles 1 - C/D
  • SAFE-1000   Occupational Safety and Health (CPHR ELECTIVE)- C/ D
  • HUMR-1003  Organization Development (CPHR ELECTIVE)C/D
  • PLAR-1200    RPL Foundation - D
  • HUMR-1058 *Strategic HR Planning(CPHR ELECTIVE)C/D
    *Each 20-hour course qualifies as half an elective course.

    Seminars/Workshops (choose three):

    • SEMR-9130  Indigenous Staffing Strategies - C
    • SEMR-9158  Building Workplace Loyalty - C
    • SEMR-9123  Competency Profiling - C
    • SEMR-9124  Employment Diversity - C
    • SEMR-9120  Employment Equity - D
    • SEMR-9059  Grievance Handling - C/D
    • SEMR-9188  Making Tough Decisions - C
    • SEMR-9003  Managing Young Workers - C/D
    • SEMR-9115  Managing Change - C/D
    • SEMR-9106  Negotiating Skills - C/D


    • C/D - Classroom or Distance Delivery
    • C - Classroom Delivery
    • D - Distance Delivery
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