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Courses and Descriptions

Courses and Descriptions

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
In addition to Transfer of Credit from a recognized post secondary institution, other RPL processes are available for RPL courses. Click here for more information. For courses with no RPL, please check for additional contact information.
GENI-1577Hunter Education
More Information

This is for students ages 12 and up who want to obtain a hunting license.  Students are advised to bring a lunch.  Textbook available for in-class use.

HEAL-1501Food Handlers Certificate
More Information

The purpose of this course is to provide individuals with information, techniques and procedures essential for safe food preparation, service and storage. This is a one day course and is comprised of modules providing information on the following: foodborne illnesses; procedures for safe preparation and service of food; procedures for cleaning and sanitizing dishes and utensils. This course is recommended for persons seeking employment or promotion in the food industry.


HEAL-1502Food Handlers Certificate Workshop
More Information

This workshop is designed for anyone entering or working in food services.  Upon successful completion, a Manitoba Health Certificate is issued which is valid for five years.  Persons without previous experience or those seeking promotion in the food industry are strongly advised to have this certificate.

NVCI-1815Non-Violent Conflict Management
More Information

Non-Violent Conflict Management/Crisis Intervention is a safe, non-harmful behaviour management system designed to help human service workers provide the best possible care for assaultive, disruptive or out-of-control persons during a violent moment. In this workshop, you will learn techniques that have proven effective in resolving potentially violent crises time and time again.  The techniques you learn will help you prevent violence and safely intervene when disruptive behaviour is exhibited by others.

SECU-1061Manitoba Security Guard Training Program
More Information

You have chosen to become a security guard in Manitoba.  You need to know the basics so that you can work safely and carry out your duties in a professional way.  The law in Manitoba says that you must receive at least 40 hours of training.  This course covers all the important areas needed for this basic training.  It was designed to help you pass the provincial exam and earn your security guard certificate. See Other Information for textbook details.

SEMR-9078Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (r) Training Program
More Information

The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (R) Program is a safe, non-harmful behaviour management system designed to aid human service professionals in the management of disruptive and assaultive people, even during the most violent moments. It has been developed by the Crisis Prevention Institute, a training organization devoted to training staff in the safe management of potentially violent individuals.

SEMR-9262Canadian Firearms Safety-Non-Restricted
More Information

Those who successfully complete this course will be eligible to apply for a Possession and Acquisition License.  This license will allow you to purchase non-restricted firearms or receive them as gifts, inheritances, or in trade.  First-time hunters require an additional three-hour Hunter Safety course.

SEMR-9276Recreational Boating Regulations/ Family
More Information

This course reviews new federal legislation governing recreational boating in Canada. Additional family member.

SEMR-9280Challenge - Recreational Boating Regulat
More Information

Challenge examination to obtain a Pleasure Craft Operators Card.

SEMR-9503Food Handlers Training Program
More Information

This course is designed for anyone entering or working in food services.  Persons without previous experience or those seeking promotion in the food industry are strongly advised to have this certificate.  The Student Workbook and the Manitoba Association Codebook will be available for purchase.  Cost of required textbooks is $23.91.  This certificate is valid for 5 years.

SEMR-9910Recreational Boating Regulations
More Information

If you operate a motorized pleasure boat or watercraft, including a sailboat fitted with a motor, there is a legal requirement for proof of operator competency to be carried on board. Most commonly this proof of competency is in the form of a “Pleasure Craft Operator Card”.

Learn about the operator competency requirements; age & horsepower restrictions; regulations for small vessels; and how the Contraventions Act has changed the way boating regulations are enforced.

After a detailed study course of required knowledge statements, participants will be permitted to write a Transport Canada test. A Pleasure Craft Operator Card will be issued to all who successfully pass the test.

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