Graduation Requirements

You must successfully complete all theory and practice components of the program. From the time of your initial registration, you must take no longer than 3 years to complete the program.

You must obtain a minimum grade of 70% (P) in each course to be successful in this program.

Students who are aware of the fact that they require learning support or assistance for physical or learning disabilities must make an appointment with Counselling and Accessibility Services(CAS) (D101) in advance of beginning the health care aide program. If a student is not sure whether they qualify for these services but think this may be a possibility, it is recommended that the student consult with the Counselling and Accessibility Services office so they can assess the situation and help the student make the decision. Ideally this would take place in May if a September admission is anticipated or November if a February start date is anticipated. This is important as the disability must be documented and the student must be assigned a counsellor from this office. Following this step, those students registered in the Health Care Aide day program at Notre Dame Campus, may then be referred to the Coordinator of Accommodation for Nursing and the Accommodation team, to explore what modifications are reasonable, given the demands of a health care aide and develop a plan. The accommodation required by the student must be reasonable and not cause undue hardship. Furthermore, clinical accommodations must be agreeable to the clinical placement sites. For further information about RRC Polytech’s accommodation process, see the Handbook for Students with Disabilities at: /Catalogue/files/file/disabilities/handbook.pdf

When you receive your certificate you will be invited to participate in one of the College's semi-annual Convocation ceremonies.

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