FULL-TIME | INTERLAKE CAMPUS SOCCF-DP Social Innovation and Community Development

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

Social Innovation and Community Development Year 1 Certificate

1. Advises on and facilitates responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action.
2. Utilizes business administrative skills to support, build, monitor, and report on economic development opportunities and initiatives.
3. Applies knowledge of governance structures and Indigenous knowledge, protocols, and history to work within Indigenous communities.
4. Performs administrative tasks on small or large development projects that require interfacing with different Indigenous bodies and Canadian governments.
5. Demonstrates professionalism by respecting diversity, making ethical decisions, and implementing strategies to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and work within teams.
6. Understands and utilizes holistic approaches to personal and community wellness.
7. Applies communication techniques to mobilize and empower communities through facilitation, education, capacity building, and advocacy
8. Utilizes technologies to create and communicate information, and to identify opportunities for social innovation.
9. Demonstrates creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and responsible citizenship.
10. Builds community connections through civic engagement and cultural exposure.

Indigenous Social Entrepreneurship SE Year 2 Diploma 

1. Creates business solutions to social problems by applying theory, models, and tools, along with innovative and critical thinking to enhance opportunities for Indigenous communities.
2. Analyzes the social and economic environment to identify gaps, barriers, and opportunities for Indigenous communities.
3. Markets a service or product by conducting a market analysis to meet market demands within a competitive social enterprise environment.
4. Understands unresolved historical tensions that must be understood to build healthy working relationships with Indigenous communities.
5. Recognizes and interprets different governance structures, regulations, and Indigenous traditional knowledge systems to develop business models and philosophies within the Social Enterprise sector.
6. Evaluates the desirability, feasibility, and viability of a product or service by applying quality assurance methodologies.
7. Applies a core set of entrepreneurial skills to develop, launch, and maintain a Social Enterprise.
8. Develops and implements communication, time management, and organizational strategies to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and demonstrate teamwork skills.
9. Incorporates Indigenous worldviews to articulate economic and organizational goals - including mission, vision, and values.
10. Demonstrates professionalism by respecting diversity, making ethical decisions, and working to create business solutions that address social problems.

Community Development Year 2 Diploma 

1. Practices universal Community Development principles to build sustainable healthy and equitable communities.
2. Fosters trust relationships and builds social capital to create viable teams and networks to sustain the community development process.
3. Work with communities to build and maintain social capital that supports socially-inclusive community ownership and teamwork.
4. Communicates across different cultures and sectors using visual, written, and oral methods that support cooperation and understanding among community stakeholders.
5. Uses and adapts technologies to create and communicate information, as well as to manage project deadlines, resources, and deliverables
6. Plans, documents, and evaluates organizational and community initiatives using a variety of participatory methods.
7. Supports community planning by designing, implementing, and reporting on research conducted to map assets, assess needs, and monitor trends and new practices in community development
8. Engages with community to identify, maintain, and assess community resources.
9. Identifies funding sources to generate revenue for community development initiatives.
10. Writes grant proposals to secure funds for various community initiatives.
11. Manages and administers organizational resources to provide stability and sustainability.
12. Demonstrates personal integrity, reliability, ethics, accountability, and resourcefulness
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