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WELD-9009Welding: TIG, MIG, ARC

This 44-hour welding course is for beginners and experienced welders looking to improve their skills. This course covers the theory and applications of TIG, MIG and ARC processes including shop orientation and safety. The practical component allows the students to focus on the style of welding of their choice. Students are required to complete a half-mask respirator fit test, an online WHMIS course and are responsible for providing their Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

Entrance Requirements

WHMIS Training Course on LEARN is to be completed before the start date of your course.

Half-face Respirator Fit Testing

Half-face respirator fit testing is required prior to registering for Continuing Education Welding course.
  1. Call Safety and Health Services (SHS) at 204-632-2511 to make an appointment. You will need to state that you are a (Continuing Education) student and that you require a half-face fit-test.
  2. Please call 204-632-2511 if you have any questions about respirator fit- testing or to cancel/reschedule your appointment.
  3. The fit-test room is located in C-120
  4. The fee for each respirator fit-test required is $40.
  5. Be on time for your appointment. Appointments are scheduled in 20- minute intervals.
    • Late arrival may result in a missed appointment charge of $40.
  6. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please let SHS know 24 hours prior to the appointment by calling 204-632-2511.
    • Missed appointments (without prior notification) will result in a missed appointment charge of $40.
  7. Do not eat, drink (other than water), smoke, vape or chew gum for 20 minutes before the test.
  8. You must be clean-shaven where the respirator seals to the face – see examples.
    • Attending a fit-test appointment with facial hair that affects the seal of the respirator will result in a missed appointment charge of $40.
  9. Payment for a fit-test will be done after a successful fit-test at the Cashiers Office C-212.
  10. Fit-test card will be available the next business day in Health Services (HM-08), Monday to Friday, between 8 am until 4 pm, after proof of payment is presented to Health Services.
  11. Students must forward a scanned copy to to be able to register for any CE welding courses.
All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be purchased at the RRC Campus Store, students are required to bring their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the 1st day of class.
CSA approved footwear (preferably boots), welding glasses, full face shield/visor with at least #10 lens for actual welding, hearing protection, leather gloves & aprons, welding jacket, long-sleeved, and 2 – pair of locking pliers (optional). 

NOTE: All equipment must be in good working condition to prevent personal injuries! All items must be free from oils and grease, as well. All PPE must be worn in lab areas, with no exceptions.

Textbooks and Booklists

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