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BUSA-3004Integrated Logistics (CITT)

Integrated Logistics is a comprehensive, senior-level course that explores how integration is crucial to sound logistics operations within successful and sustainable organizations. It helps learners create efficient, silo-free logistics systems and decision-making environments, integrating all activities involved in the cost-effective and uninterrupted movement of materials and information from their source to the point of consumption.

Leveraging all of CITT’s other technical courses, this practical, systems-oriented course is valued by transportation professionals, practicing or aspiring logistics and supply chain managers and other professionals involved in the procurement, flow or management of goods.

Prerequisites: Transportation Systems and Logistics Processes

Note: We recommend that learners take Integrated Logistics as their final course in the CCLP program of study. Taking this course last helps to integrate all technical concepts.


Textbooks and Booklists

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