Courses and Descriptions

Courses and Descriptions

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
In addition to Transfer of Credit from a recognized post secondary institution, other RPL processes are available for RPL courses. Click here for more information. For courses with no RPL, please check for additional contact information.
COMM-1020Editing Plain Language
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Review and use the rules of grammar, levels of edit and plain English to edit your own writing and the writing of others for content, tone, organization, mechanics and format, especially as these topics apply to technical communication. Covers punctuation, spelling, editing techniques, editor's symbols, online editing and plain English.

COMM-1021Proposal Writing
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Understand the proposal writing process. Discover the requirements for responding to a formal request for proposal. Explore the different types of proposals that organizations submit to obtain business or funding. Understand the value of persuasive writing, audience analysis and documentation standards.

COMM-1138Manual Writing and Design
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Create and design a manual with an emphasis on readability, accessibility and usability. Learn the importance of writing user manuals and discover how a well-written manual can be an asset to companies and to consumers.

COMM-1142Writing for the Web
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Learn how clarity, arrangement and purpose-driven content can make your web writing more authentic and effective.

You will be introduced to sound web writing principles and discussions on how technologies, interfaces, and data are impacted by the choices you make. Exercises, assignments, and case scenarios encourage you to develop skills in captioning photos, incorporating links, writing FAQ pages and more. The projects are designed to help you learn how to organize content, define writing purpose and craft clear messages that will positively impact website visitors and their behaviour.

COMM-1243Technical Communication 1
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Learn the principles of technical communication. Develop your skills to research, design and organize documents. Practice your skills using plain language techniques to produce clear, effective writing. Ideal for anyone who writes for business, government or industry.

HUMR-1063Training and Development
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This course is designed to develop your ability to design and implement a training program. You will examine adult learning theories and instructional design models. As you develop your training plan, you will integrate training methods and instructional strategies for optimizing learning.The Distance offer for Training and Development is offered through LEARN.

MUME-1153Graphic Communications 1
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Develop proficiency in basic design skills and your knowledge of design concepts used by the graphic design industry.  Learn and practice basic design concepts and their application, composition, illustration, drawing, publication design and layout plus pre-press production theory.  Students will be introduced to electronic publishing using industry standard software applications.

MUME-1633Web Site Development - Intro
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Explore the fundamentals of web site development, the origins of the Internet, the latest web technologies, communication theory, hypertext markup language (HTML) and project management. Apply the theory and concepts as you learn to build a personal web site proposal in a team environment.

PROJ-1030Project Management FundamentalsRPL
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Study the fundamental aspects and principles of project management including life cycle, integration, planning, organization and communication. Learn about work breakdown structures, diagramming, cost management and resource allocation. Examine today’s issues affecting project management including risk management, quality, conflict, and team building.

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