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The College has conducted a review of the Recognition of Prior Learning Certificate program and, as a result, the certificate program will no longer be offered. The RPL Foundations stand-alone course will remain available for individual registration, however the remaining courses in the program are only available on a cohort/project basis to groups that have received external funding (typically from an employer) and are offered through Corporate Solutions.

Admission Requirements

You will need to be proficient in basic computer skills to participate in this program. You will be required to use the following:
  • The Internet to locate reference material
  • Word processing, spreadsheet, software to complete assignments 
  • Email to communicate with instructors and other students
If you do not have these skills, it is strongly recommended that you complete Computers - Intro (COMP-1081) prior to beginning the program.

Familiarity with distance education learning software is recommended as some courses will be offered through online delivery, which requires high-speed internet.

Regular Admission Requirements
1. Have a recognized post-secondary education degree, diploma or certificate or proof of professional licensure or designation or demonstrated equivalent learning
2. Have a minimum of two years of related work experience in adult learning/education, human resources, career and employment counselling or qualifications recognition

Program Outline

You must successfully complete six courses to earn the 300-hour certificate.

  • RPL Foundation - C/D
  • RPL Practitioner - Advanced - C/D
  • Train the Trainer Portfolio  - C/D
  • RPL Special Issues - C/D
  • RPL Independent Study - C/D
  • RPL Practicum - C/D or RPL Capstone Project - C/D


  • C/D - Classroom or Distance Delivery
  • C - Classroom Delivery
  • D - Distance Delivery

Courses and Descriptions

(Click the course name to view the description of the course)
Year 1
Term 1Credit Hours
PLAR-1204RPL Capstone
PLAR-1203RPL Practicum
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
In addition to Transfer of Credit from a recognized post secondary institution, other RPL processes are available for RPL courses. Click here for more information. For courses with no RPL, please check for additional contact information.
PLAR-1200RPL FoundationRPL
More Information

Acquire the fundamental knowledge and skill to effectively implement Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Students will be introduced to principles of RPL and will explore RPL Practitioner roles of Advisor, Assessor and Facilitator or Coordinator. Students will develop learning outcomes and elements of performance and will apply principles of quality assessment to ensure transparent, fair and credible RPL practice. Flexible assessment strategies will be examined including portfolio and evidence collection. Students will learn how to put RPL into context for the development of a credible system. 

Note: PLAR-1200 RPL Foundations course runs once per academic year, in the fall term. Please check back in the spring for new fall dates. 

PLAR-1201RPL Practitioner - Advanced
More Information

Learn about adult learner focused organizations, innovation and quality in RPL, how RPL supports adult learning and encourages organizational change. Explore the roles of the Advisor, Assessor and facilitator and the processes and practices to maintain quality in RPL systems.

PLAR-1202RPL Special IssuesRPL
More Information

Learn about the key issues in RPL practice and new innovative practices and trends in the RPL field. Gain experience with the development of project management skills, exploration of current research, implementation of RPL professional development, qualification recognition and explore additional related topics in the RPL field.

PLAR-1203RPL PracticumRPL
More Information

Gain hands-on experience through the 80 hr practicum.

PLAR-1204RPL Capstone
More Information

Demonstrate learning from work and life experience (i.e., minimum 2000 hours/2+ years) in the RPL field through a Capstone project or complete a RPL process to prove prior learning for the Practicum/Capstone Project component of the Certificate.

PLAR-1205RPL Independent StudyRPL
More Information

This course credit may be completed through the successful completion of relevant courses, workshops, seminars or other professional education related to RPL. Learners may choose a subject in their field of practice or interest, or may transfer in an approved credit from another post-secondary institution.

PLAR-2002Train The Trainer - PortfolioRPL
More Information

Learn about the development of a professional portfolio and the strategies for group facilitation of the portfolio development process. Learners will develop their own portfolios and learn key strategies to facilitate professional portfolio development with learners and clients.


Students enrolling in Part-Time and Online Education courses may be required to purchase textbooks and materials at participating Campus Store locations or online at Student booklists will be available approximately 3 weeks prior to scheduled course start dates. Please ensure materials are purchased in advance, to be available for the start date.

Note: Courses requiring a textbook will show "TR" in the Delivery field.

Click the "More Info" link beside the course's name to view the description of the course.

Course Dates and Fees

2024 Fall Term - Distance Education
PLAR-1200 RPL Foundationmore info
Location: Online
Nov 20, 24 - Mar 18, 25TBA259945$609
Location: Online
Nov 20, 24 - Mar 18, 25

Computer/Laptop Requirements

Online learning is a critical component of course delivery in all Red River College programs. To ensure each student has the tools they need to achieve their academic goals, all Red River College students require, at minimum:

1.  Off-campus access to a current computer with a webcam

2.  A high speed internet connection

• Recommended minimum speed: 10 mbps for download, 3 mbps for upload
• Slower internet connection speeds may result in audio and video issues. Please keep in mind that if others in your home are using the same internet connection at the same time as you are, you may also experience audio and video issues.
• Please refer to for further information on Computer Requirements for Students.

Please note that any anticipated costs are not included in Books and Supplies estimates.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the program, you should be able to:

  • Advise clients through a RPL process adhering to institutional, organizational, legislative and professional association requirements to ensure clients receive quality RPL services
  • Develop quality assessment practices and assess prior learning (knowledge, skills and abilities) using a variety of processes including portfolio, to meet the needs of individuals
  • Demonstrate professional practices including, but not limited to, leadership skills, cultural sensitivity, ethical behaviour and maintain quality standards in RPL practice
  • Demonstrate essential and employability skills in oral, written and interpersonal communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving, group facilitation, and research
  • Practice quality assurance in advising, assessing, and facilitating processes within RPL systems
  • Implement and maintain sustainable quality RPL systems, as part of a team, to meet the needs of key stakeholders
  • Advocate for RPL and quality RPL practice for individuals and organizations
  • Implement RPL professional development programming to meet individual and organizational needs
  • Apply project management principles and practices to achieve organizational goals and strategic plans

Recognition of Prior Learning

For all courses in the program, you have an opportunity to prove your prior learning if you have significant learning in RPL from formal learning or from your work and life experience.

If you have previously completed any of the RRC RPL courses or an equivalent course from another post secondary institution within the past eight years, you may apply for a Transfer of Credit(s). The RRC RPL Advisor will assist you with this process.

If you have prior learning in RPL gained from work and life experience, contact the RPL Advisor for assistance with RPL processes. Make sure you obtain the RPL Learner Resource Guide if one has been developed for the course(s). They ensure fair, transparent RPL processes.

Other Information

A RPL Foundation Summer Institute will also be offered in mid-June.

Graduation Requirements

You must complete your part-time program within eight years from the start of the first course in the program, unless otherwise stated in the program outline.

You will not be granted more than 75% of your credit requirements for graduation through transfer of credit.

When you have successfully completed all the required courses in this program, be sure to apply for your certificate. For complete details and forms, see

Questions about graduation? Please call 204-694-1789 or 1-866-242-7073 for assistance.

Graduation with Honours
If you obtain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.8 or better for the program, you will graduate with honours. If you fail any course in the program, you will not be eligible for this honours designation.

Employment Potential

Graduates will be prepared for a career as an RPL Practitioner with strong skill sets in advising, assessing, and facilitating RPL practices and systems.

Those who currently work in education, human resources, career counseling, or qualifications recognition will gain new perspectives and learning in RPL practice to enhance their careers.

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