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Courses and Descriptions

RECF-1051TR - Documentation Skills

Become familiar with documentation skills and how they apply to therapeutic programming, the planning process and assessment. Discover the value of assessment as an ongoing process, and learn charting etiquette and technique. Discuss different charting styles, and the issues of confidentiality in relation to documentation.

Other Course Prerequisites

RECF-1052, TR - Program Planning; RECF-1001, TR Adaptations & Intervention; RECF-1047, TR - Cognitive Impairment; RECF-1023, Specialized TR Applications; RECF-1049, TR - Valuing Diversity, Faith & Culture; RECF-1050, TR - Dealing with Loss & Palliative Care; WRKS-1033, TR - Infection Control Workshop; WRKS-1034, TR - Assisting with Dignity


Class Availability

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Course Dates and Fees

2021 Winter Term - Distance Education
RECF-1051 TR - Documentation Skills
Location: Online
Jan 11, 21 - Mar 29, 21TBA206650$549
Location: Online
Jan 11, 21 - Mar 29, 21
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