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PRAC-1018Field Work - Facility

Gain exposure and experience working in facility-based settings. Theory (25 hours) - Become familiar with a variety of institution-based settings, examining the key skill areas required. Practice (50 hours of placement during regular work hours, 5 hours per week for 10 weeks) - Put theory into practice, and address the key skill areas of professionalism and assessing/meeting a client's needs in facility-based settings.


Students must submit the following official documents PRIOR to registering for their field work(s).

- Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector (PICVS)

- Adult Abuse Registry Check (AARC)

- Provincial Child Abuse Registry Check (PCAR)

These checks must be done within 6 months of attending the field work(s).

Original documents must be submitted. For additional information please go to: Police Information Check

Please contact the Educational Assistant at or 204-631-3367 for further information.

Entrance Requirements

All core and elective courses completed with a minimum mark of C+ except Field Work-Community Based.

Originals of all three record checks (PICVS, AARC, PCAR) must be submitted prior to registration.

Other Course Prerequisites

All theory courses.

Textbooks and Booklists

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