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ENGI-1016Power Eng. 4th Class - A

This course include: duties of a power engineer; acts, regulations, and codes; mathematics; mechanics I, II; thermodynamics; steam boiler types and construction part B; boiler parts and fittings; principle and application of various types of pumps; fittings - deaeraors, feed water heaters, etc.; elementary principles of combustion; combustion equipment - burners, draft fans, stokers, etc.; and feed water; internal and external treatment.

Other Information

Note: Participants must have 6 months (900 hours) work experience in a 4th class high pressure plant and have completed Part A and Part B or have one year experience (1800 hours) working in a high pressure plant (over 25 HP) before being eligible to write the Manitoba Office of the Fire Commissioner - Fourth class Power Engineering exam.

To see more details go to the Manitoba Office Of The Fire Commissioner website:

Entrance Requirements

Math 30S or Grade 11 senior math.

Textbooks and Booklists

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