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NDIN-1010Magnetic Particle Inspection

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Magnetic Particle Inspection is a method used to detect cracks and defects extending to or near the surface of various objects.
  1. Introductions to the roles of CGSB, EMR, Exam Applications, Certification
  2. Brief outline of other Non Destructive Inspection methods
  3. Materials and processing; types of castings and procedures, millwork and forging, welding, service and repair, discontinuity and defects, discontinuity classifications
  4. Magnesium and magnetic materials; orientation of fields, terminology
  5. Types of equipment; types of magnetic fields produced
  6. Demagnatization
  7. Equipment tests and standards
  8. Practical experience
  9. Test and evaluation
This course is intended to meet the training requirements for Levels I and II CGSB Standard 48.9712-2006 for certification of NDT personnel - MT method.


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