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The Financial Planners Standards Council (FPSC) has entered into a Licensing/Affiliation agreement with the Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards, Inc. to award the internationally recognized certification marks, Certified Financial Planner or CFP. The CFP certification marks are recognized in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States.
To ensure consistent standards among those licensed to use the certification marks, the FPSC has adopted uniform standards with respect to the areas of education, experience, examinations and ethics. The "four E's" apply to those wishing to be licensed by the FPSC.

CFP licensees must complete an educational program recognized by the FPSC prior to licensing. The Canadian Institute of Financial Planning's Certified Financial Planner program was the first program recognized by the FPSC. After licensing, CFP licensees must certify compliance with the FPSC's mandatory continuing education requirements on an annual basis.

CFP licensees must have two years of work experience in a financial planning related environment prior to licensing. This experience may be obtained before, after or while fulfilling the educational requirement.
CFP licensees must complete a comprehensive professional proficiency examination set and administered by the FPSC prior to licensing. This examination may be attempted only after the Education and Experience requirements have been satisfied.

CFP licensees must agree to abide by the FPSC's Code of Ethics prior to licensing and certify continued adherence to the FPSC Code of Ethics on an annual basis.

Only those who have fulfilled the pre-certification and annual licensing requirements of the FPSC are permitted to use the CFP certification marks. For more information on certification requirements, please contact the FPSC directly at 416-593-8587. CFP™ is awarded under license by the Financial Planning Standards Council.

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