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WRKS-9126Noodle Pulling Workshop 2: Pulling

Learn the basics of the Chinese art of noodle pulling - Lamian. This method of hand-pulling noodles is an old art which repeatedly stretches the dough and folds it back onto itself to align the glutens and warm the dough for stretching. XiaoFe Zu, owner of Dancing Noodle and Red River College alumni, will show us how to make the dough using prairie durum wheat - the best in the world - and various techniques.

What's included:
  • Dancing Noodle's hand-pulled noodle soup on arrival
  • Appetizers
  • Supplies to make dough
  • 3-5 batches of dough for 2 people
  • Red River College Apron

Textbooks and Booklists

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