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EDUC-1098Independent Study

Independent study is a student-centered approach to learning where participants assume responsibility for their own learning processes and experiences. It also supports Red River College’s portfolio-approach to learning by facilitating a process whereby participants construct and interpret new learning, reflect on its value, and consider its applications to future learning. Studies and projects considered for an independent study must be related to current teaching and learning methodologies. The time devoted to the self-directed, independent study must be equal to or greater than 35 hours.

Students should consider registering for this course only once they have completed a minimum of four other CAE courses. While students do register for this course there are no designated class times. Students work independently to attain the credit after meeting/discussing their plan/project with the course facilitator. The Independent Study credit can be attained in one of three ways and must equal 35 hours or greater:

  1. The student provides evidence of having successfully taken an education course that is different than any of the courses in CAE but that focuses on an element of teaching and learning; plus a detailed analysis of how this course aligns with or supports principles of teaching and learning in adult environments.
  2. The student provides evidence of participation (certificates of participation and/or confirmation from workshop organizers) in a number of teaching/learning related workshops; plus a detailed analysis of how these activities align with or support principles of teaching and learning in adult environments.
  3. The student develops a project that demonstrates the application of modern teaching and learning methodologies. That is develops/adapts a course for a particular purpose, explores or compares alternate types of assessment strategies etc., plus a detailed analysis of how this project aligns with or supports principles of teaching and learning in adult environments.

All independent study activities and, or projects must be approved by the CAE Program Coordinator, Teacher Education Department at Red River College prior to registration. To arrange a pre-course consultation please contact: Judy McGuirk, Coordinator – CAE, RRC at 204-632-2434 or

For additional information, contact the CAE coordinator at 204-632-2434.

Other Course Prerequisites

In addition to the required pre-requisite of EDUC-1090 Introduction to Education, completion of three additional core courses is required.

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