PART-TIME | WINNIPEG LOCATIONS CERAP-CT Certificate in Adult Education

Courses and Descriptions

EDUC-1095Program Development

Participants will gain an understanding of the quality elements of the college system for developing, supporting, monitoring, evaluating, and improving programs and courses. This course builds upon a solid philosophical foundation in terms of course bedrocks, pillars, and supports. It also considers the nature and needs of the adult learner in a quality college program through needs assessment and task analysis including environmental scans, the DACUM process, and curriculum validation. The notion of setting learning targets in regard to expected course and college-wide learning outcomes embodying both content and performance standards is addressed. Also discussed with this core of needs and outcomes are the ideas of teaching for understanding, educational taxonomies and supporting frameworks, and diversity in terms of program inclusion, differentiation, equality, and excellence. All components of this course are discussed in terms of a brain-compatible classroom that stresses equity and excellence while planning for all learners.


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