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Program Outline

Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping recommends that students complete the CIB's program within five years of joining CIB. You must obtain a minimum grade of 65%.

Program of Study:


  • Business Computing (COMP-1975) - C/D (If you have a basic computer background, you do not need the prerequisite)

Level 1  

  • Word (COMP-1218) - C/D - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 111 Computer Applications
  • Financial Accounting 1 (ACCT-1971) - C/D - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 112 Bookkeeping I
  • Financial Accounting 2 (ACCT-2043) - C/D - Equivalent CIB course:CIB 113 Bookkeeping II

Level 2  

  • Excel  (COMP-1237 or COMP-1193 or COMP-1183) - C/D - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 221 Computer Applications II
  • Simply Accounting (ACCT-1088) - C/D - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 222 Computerized Bookkeeping I
  • Accounting Software (ACCT-3001) - - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 223 Computerized Bookkeeping II

Level 3  

  • Cost Accounting (ACCT-3004) - - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 331 Cost Management
  • Income Tax (ACCT-1035) - - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 332 Income Tax
  • Payroll & Taxable Benefits (HUMR-1007) - C/D - Equivalent CIB course: CIB 333 Payroll Administration


  • C/D - Classroom or Distance Delivery 
  • C - Classroom Delivery
  • D - Distance Delivery
  • *  No longer being offered due to very low enrollment. Students can take courses elsewhere and transfer their credits to CIB for designation.   
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